Connections: PittsFORWARD Responds To White Supremacist Fliers

Oct 6, 2016

We still don't know who dropped white supremacist fliers on Pittsford driveways in recent days, but the community has responded vehemently against it. An organization calling itself "PittsFORWARD" put together a walk and rally against racism. They say that the fliers show the opposite of what Pittsford is all about.

We talk about the fliers, and about what it means to build an inclusive community. Our guests:

  • Kendra Evans, organizer of PittsFORWARD
  • Bradley Hurst, participant in the PittsFORWARD walk against racism
  • Nahoko Kawakyu O'Connor, member of PittsFORWARD
  • Mohammed Ahamed, ally of PittsFORWARD and the director of diversity and inclusion at Nazareth College