Connections: As newspapers disappear, student publications fill the void

Dec 10, 2019

A growing number of American cities are losing their newspapers. One result, as noted by the New York Times, is that some cities only have student journalists offering print coverage. It puts pressure on students who are supposed to be learning the craft, but who might not have established professionals to guide them.

The Times reports, "Student journalists across the country have stepped in to help fill a void after more than 2,000 newspapers have closed or merged, leaving more than 1,300 communities without any local news coverage. And several young reporters have broken consequential stories that have prodded powerful institutions into changing policies."

Our guests discuss it:

  • Wil Aiken, editor-in-chief of the Campus Times at the University of Rochester
  • Cayla Keiser, editor-in-chief of the Reporter at RIT
  • Kasey Mathews, print managing editor of the Reporter at RIT
  • Mike Johansson, former print journalist