Connections: Monthly Science Roundtable - Former GOP Congressman Bob Inglis On Climate Science

Oct 3, 2016

Our Monthly Science Roundtable takes a look at why conservatives tend not to accept the science behind climate change.

Our guest is perfectly suited to explain: Bob Inglis is a conservative Republican who served in Congress. He admits that when climate science become more prominent, he dismissed it because Al Gore had touted it. He didn't study it. "It was based on ignorance for me," Inglis explains. "All I knew is that if Al Gore was for it, I was against it."

But Inglis listened to his children, who pleaded with him to check out the facts. When he came out in favor of policy that would mitigate climate change, his own party attacked him, and he lost his next primary.

Today, Inglis works on the kind of policy that is market-based. He believes he has the kind of message that can break through to skeptical conservatives. He explains how to crack the code. Our guest:

  • Bob Inglis, former Congressman and executive director of RepublicEn