Connections: Mindful living and what it means to be "Acting Human"

Aug 6, 2019

What does it mean to be "Acting Human?" The concept refers to a mindful way of living -- of living in the moment and writing one's own story. Musician, director, and author Richard Dubin has written an eBook on the subject, and is collaborating with other creative people on a series of projects designed around it. He encourages readers to live their lives using the skills employed by artists as they create their art. He says the practice can help people find identity and push against the constraints of a polarized society -- one in which life can seem mechanical.

Dubin joins us to explain how to act human, and how the concepts of mindfulness, creativity, art, and play intersect and reflect social issues. Our guests:

  • Richard Dubin, musician, producer, and author of "Acting Human"
  • Loren Toolajian, composer, broadcaster, and owner of Sandblast Productions in New York City