Connections: Mental health education in schools

Apr 27, 2018

New York will become the first state to require mental health education in all grades. Currently, health classes in most schools teach students about physical health, food and nutrition, and substance abuse disorders, but teachers say there isn’t enough of a focus on the impact mental health has on overall wellbeing. That will change after new legislation requiring mental health curricula goes into effect in July.

Experts say the onset of mental illness often begins at a young age, so helping students recognize symptoms and learn coping skills is key.

Our guests weigh in on what they’d like lessons plans to cover, and why they say this legislation is overdue. In studio:  

  • Kristina Mossgraber, events coordinator and walk manager for NAMI Rochester
  • Janine Sanger, coordinator of health and wellness for the Webster Central School District
  • Heather Newton, parent and director of development at Foodlink
  • Tamara Minter, retired Rochester City School District administrator who oversees the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority