Connections: Local adoptees weigh in on new state law allowing them to access birth certificates

Jan 30, 2020

For the first time in nearly 85 years, adoptees born in New York State are able to access their original birth certificates. Legislation making that possible went into effect earlier this month. WXXI’s Beth Adams reported on the law and what it means for local adoptees; they say the day the law was passed was monumental.

This hour, we’re joined by local adoptees who share their stories, and we hear from a lawyer who says she thinks the legislation doesn’t go far enough. Our guests:

  • Beth Adams, host of Morning Edition on WXXI News
  • Jenny Thomas, adoptee who runs the Rochester Adoptee Support Group
  • Andie Thompson, adoptee
  • Cathi Swett, attorney and downstate coordinator for New York State Adoptee Equality