Connections: January 21, 2014

Jan 21, 2014

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12 Noon: You are a liar, and so am I. Research shows the average person lies at least once every hour. Author and philosopher Sam Harris says it’s gotten out of hand, and has contributed to a kind of moral rot in our society. His new book Lying has become hotly debated, because Harris offers equal opprobrium for big lies and white lies. He even takes apart surprise parties.

1 p.m.: Dialogue on Disability continues with a look at how to help children and teenagers with disabilities. Early intervention strategies, spanning the range of children in wheelchairs to children with Asperger’s. In studio with us will be: Nancy Huffman, Former Board Chair, Rochester Hearing & Speech Center; Jennifer Rymanowski, Ph.D., Applied Behavior Analysis Program Manager, RHSC; and Pamela Hunter, Regional Director/Director of Epilepsy Services

We’ll close the hour with a preview of the governor’s budget address. Capitol bureau correspondent Karen DeWitt joins us from Albany and WXXI News and Public Affairs Director Randy Gorbman joins me in studio.