Connections: How Would Gun Laws Consistent With Second Amendment Rights Impact Gun Violence?

May 16, 2016

Throughout the last 40 years, gun possession in America has gradually declined, yet research shows gun sales have recently increased.

Dr. Robert Spitzer is a professor of political science at SUNY Cortland and a national expert on gun laws. He says this increase can be tied to politics: some Americans are buying guns to make a statement because they are afraid more regulations will be imposed.

How would regulations consistent with Second Amendment rights impact gun violence in America? Dr. Spitzer will be in Rochester on Thursday to lead a public discussion about that question, but first he joins us on Connections. Our panel discusses both sides of the issue. Our guests:

  • Dr. Robert Spitzer, distinguished service professor of political science at SUNY Cortland
  • Neil Jaschik, Rochester Coalition for Reasonable Gun Laws
  • Dave Jenkins, founder and primary instructor at Rochester Personal Defense LLC
  • Chris Nakis, gun owner