Connections: How teachers can improve the quality of online learning

Aug 26, 2020

As teachers prepare to head back to the classroom – either in person or remotely – they have much to consider. We’ve heard from local teachers and parents about concerns regarding the quality of remote learning. Experts at St. John Fisher College have developed a four-week training course for teachers to learn best practices in online education. The workshops are geared toward helping teachers sharpen their skills with technology and help students and teachers better interact. A number of local teachers have already completed the course.

This hour, we talk with two of them about what they learned, and we talk with the experts behind the workshop about best practices for remote learning. Our guests:

  • Joellen Maples, associate professor and interim dean of the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education at St. John Fisher College
  • Katie Sabourin, educational technologist at St. John Fisher College
  • Dena Fedkew, elementary school teacher in the Greece Central School District
  • Cassie Pruitt, special education teacher at Brighton High School