Connections: How much influence do neighborhood groups have on shaping land use policies?

May 10, 2018

The debate over a proposed redevelopment at Cobbs Hill is just one example of the heated debates that can happen regarding land use, housing, and the rights of neighbors to weigh in.

A newly formed coalition of neighborhood groups called Our Land Roc is dedicated to what it calls "permanently affordable, sustainable development" in the city of Rochester. So what are their demands? We find out with our guests:

  • Matt DeLaus, president of the Pearl-Meigs-Monroe Neighborhood Association, member of Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, and member of the City Roots Community Land Trust
  • Rachel Rosen Simpson, climate justice liaison for ROCDSA on the Our Land Roc Coalition
  • Dorian Hall, member of the Plex Neighborhood Association and member of Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods