Connections: How to move into the summer season during a pandemic

Jun 2, 2020

If you had fallen asleep in early February and woke up now, in June, would you know by looking around you that you'd be living in a global pandemic? The warm weather has shown people are eager to be outside. There have been big parties, backyard gatherings, and people congregating in public spaces -- with many people not wearing masks or face coverings.

How do we move into the summer season, keep re-opening, and adjust our behavior appropriately? And now should we be having conversations about that? Our guests weigh in:

  • Willie J. Lightfoot, president of the United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologists Association (UPBCA), Inc., and vice president of Rochester City Council
  • Jane Dodds, former medical practice managerĀ 
  • Brenden Drew, vice president of business development for Abbott's Frozen Custard