Connections: How JustCause aims to improve the community's interactions with the justice system

Apr 29, 2021

Leaders at Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County made a major announcement Thursday morning. The nonprofit is changing its name to JustCause. Leaders say low-income people in the community have negative interactions with the justice system, and often don’t feel that it works for them. JustCause is working to change that perception by providing pro bono legal services.

This hour, we talk with JustCause attorneys about how they are fosting this change, sometimes one case at a time, sometimes on broad, systemic levels. Our guests:

  • Tina Monshipour Foster, human rights lawyer, and executive director at JustCause
  • Ed Hourihan, attorney at Bond Schoeneck and King 
  • Terria Jenkins, chief trademark counsel and division counsel, legal, at Eastman Kodak Company
  • Liz McGriff, member of the City-Wide Tenant Union