Connections: How do we draw lines on our sports fandom?

May 14, 2021

Have you seen the viral video of a seven-year-old child being knocked nearly unconscious in a youth football practice this week? Have you read stories from Qatar, where brutal conditions led to the deaths of many workers who were building new stadiums for the upcoming World Cup? How do we draw lines on our sports fandom? If you love soccer, is there a moral quandary with watching the World Cup? Ethicist Jake Wojtowicz says yes, but he's struggling with it himself. He loves soccer, enjoys American football, and yet feels the pang of knowing the dark side to these sports.

So what are fans to do? We discuss how we rationalize our fandom and where we should, "No more." Our guest:

  • Jake Wojtowicz, professor of ethics at MCC and writer for PublicEthics.org