Connections: Dr. Bradford Berk on his new book, "Getting Your Brain & Body Back"

Sep 10, 2021

We're joined by Dr. Bradford C. Berk to discuss his new book, "Getting Your Brain and Body Back: Everything You Need to Know after Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, or Traumatic Brain Injury." Dr. Berk was permanently paralyzed after a biking accident in 2009. He was back to work as CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center one year later.

In his book, Dr. Berk provides advice regarding medical care, mental health treatment, and technology to aid in recovery. He joins us for the hour to share his message and his research. Our guest:

  • Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D., board certified cardiologist; Distinguished University professor in medicine, neurology, pathology, pharmacology & physiology, and physical medicine & rehabilitation; founder and director of the University of Rochester Neurorestoration Institute; and author of “Getting Your Brain & Body Back”