Connections: Do concerns about school safety lead to more homeschooling?

Mar 29, 2018

After every mass school shooting, reports show an increase in calls and interest in homeschooling. The number of families choosing to homeschool has doubled since 1999, when Columbine happened. Today roughly 3.4% of American children are homeschooled. Are mass school shootings the reason for this increase? The data isn't clear, but some parents say they've made the switch because they have concerns about their children's safety.

We discuss the issue with our guests:

  • Rosa Marie, educator for Marvelous Mind Academy
  • Anna Hubbel, editor of the Webster Herald who was homeschooled
  • Scotty Ginett, LGBTQ community leader, and chief of strategic relationships at One Path Career Partners who was homeschooled
  • Elizabeth Broadbent, homeschooling mother