Connections: Discussing socioeconomic diversity in local schools

Oct 30, 2018

Democrat and Chronicle columnist Erica Bryant joins us to discuss her reporting on the results of a state grant intended to encourage suburban students to attend city schools. Critics say the $1.2 state grant was a wasted attempt to address racial segregation in Rochester because only ten preschoolers from Irondequoit attended Pre-K at a Rochester City School District school. The state, however, says it learned valuable lessons from the process.

We talk with our guests about the grant, its goals and results, and the state of socioeconomic diversity in schools. In studio:

  • Erica Bryant, columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle
  • Jeff Crane, superintendent of West Irondequoit Central School District
  • Reverend Judy Davis, Rochester City School Board member-elect, and member of the steering committee for the Movement for Anti-Racist Ministry and Action (MAMA)