Connections: Discussing the rising cost of weddings

Jul 2, 2019

The cost of weddings is on the rise. According to the wedding research company, Wedding Report Inc., the average price tag of a wedding in America is more than $25,000. In New York State, the average cost is more than $35,000. Those rising costs, combined with the financial strain of student loan debt, has led many couples to take out wedding-specific loans or to focus on DIY options.

This hour, we discuss trends in the wedding industry with newlyweds and experts, who share their experiences and advice for planning a wedding in today’s market. Our guests:

  • Bekah Bodder, married in June 2019
  • Paul Pakusch, married in April 2019
  • Emma Hale, married in October 2017
  • Anthony Hayward, married in May 2019
  • Agathi Georgiou-Graham, owner of Agathi & Company, married in July 2018