Connections: Discussing The GOP Call For A Broader Crackdown On Refugees

Mar 28, 2016

After the attacks in Brussels, Senator Ted Cruz offered two ideas to fight terrorism. First, he said he wants law enforcement to actively patrol Muslim neighborhoods in the United States. Second, he said it's time to stop accepting refugees from any countries with al-Qaeda or ISIS presence.

Our guests come from the local refugee community, and we discuss what their process was like, along with their thoughts on the Senator's proposals. In studio:

  • Jim Morris, resettlement director at Catholic Family Center
  • Obaida Omar, case manager at Catholic Family Center, former refugee from Afghanistan, and member of the local Islamic community
  • Ellen Smith, coordinator of the Rochester Chapter of No One Left Behind
  • Aleem Akrami, former combat driver in Afghanistan
  • Omar Soufan, University of Rochester biomedical engineering student from Syria who established a rehabilitation and physical therapy clinic for injured refugees living on the Syrian border