Connections: Discussing comedy, cancel culture, and if there are subjects we shouldn't joke about

Aug 30, 2019

Should anything be off the table when it comes to comedy? Are there topics or subjects about which comedians should not joke? The questions come after the recent broadcast of MTV’s Video Music Awards, where comedian Sebastian Maniscalco joked about safe spaces, trigger warnings, and participation trophies. Critics say he went too far and his jokes were out of touch. Others say the jokes were funny and he was just doing his job as a comedian, by poking fun. Comedian Dave Chappelle’s recent special targets cancel culture. Critics of that special say he’s punching down. Others say he should joke about whatever he likes.

Our guests debate if there should be limits when it comes to comedy. In studio:

  • Kai VonDoom, stand-up comedian
  • Katie Mueller, stand-up comedian
  • Ed Mello, stand-up comedian
  • Todd Gursslin, stand-up comedian