Connections: Discussing comedy and politics

Sep 13, 2021

We talk with comedians about comedy and politics. Should political observations be part of comedy acts? Or are they too isolating? One of the most popular stand-up comedians on the national stage is Nate Bargatze. In a recent piece in the Atlantic Monthly, writer Tim Alberta profiles Bargatze, who he calls "the nicest man in stand-up". Bargatze avoids politics and topics that could be offensive. He told Albert, “I want to be able to sell out a theater in San Francisco one week and Mobile, Alabama, the next week.”

We discuss the approach with our guests, who are all stand-up comics:

  • Joel Lindley, comedian based in Rochester who has opened for Kevin Hart
  • Steven Rogers, comedian based in New York City who has opened for Brian Regan and was on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" 
  • Amy Stephens, comedienne, comedy show producer, and podcaster
  • Kai Von Doom, comedian based in Rochester