Connections: Discussing the college experience during the pandemic

Sep 25, 2020

Colleges across the country have taken a variety of approaches to addressing student safety during the pandemic. Some institutions have already shut back down and shifted to remote learning after COVID-19 cases on campus have spiked. Thursday evening, the Washington Post published a piece on virus prevention efforts at colleges, and it raised the question of if those efforts will "get trashed by a few student parties." According to the piece, some college leaders have dropped by bars to hand out masks to students, while others have shut down parties or kicked out students for violating rules.

This hour, we talk with local students about the college experience during the pandemic. What's it like to live and learn on – or off – campus this semester? Our guests weigh in:

  • LaTivia McCowan, junior majoring in theater at the University of Rochester 
  • Hernan Sanchez Garcia, senior majoring in history and English at the University of Rochester 
  • Jared King, freshman majoring in game design at Finger Lakes Community College 
  • Emmarae Stein, senior majoring in communications and history at Nazareth College