Connections: Discussing the City of Rochester's parking plan

Aug 1, 2018

Parking is a hot button issue in Rochester, especially in recent days after the City of Rochester increased the enforcement hours for parking meters to 8 p.m. The goal was to reduce a $47.6 million budget gap. When some residents expressed concerns about the move, the City changed the policy; on Tuesday, City Hall announced that the mayor was increasing the daytime hourly rate so parking could remain free after 6 p.m.

This hour, we discuss a range of issues related to parking in Rochester – from its relationship to downtown development, urbanism, its impact on local businesses, and more. In studio:

  • Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, president of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
  • Joanne Brokaw, local writer and improviser
  • Arian Horbovetz, creator of the Urban Phoenix blog
  • Jason Partyka, member of Reconnect Rochester
  • Bleu Cease, executive director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center