Connections: Discussing challenges faced by students of color in local suburban schools

Dec 28, 2018

Local students of color are speaking out about the challenges they say they face in suburban schools. Reporters Georgie Silvarole and Justin Murphy from the Democrat & Chronicle recently sat down with students from across Monroe County to discuss their experiences with racism and academic hurdles. Their investigation revealed that, on average, minority students are more than a year behind their white counterparts academically; that they face higher out-of-school suspension rates; and that they say there is persistent racism on the part of students and adults in their schools.

This hour, we hear from students, parents, and a school official who share their experiences and their ideas for how to make suburban schools more inclusive. In studio:

  • Kennedy Jackson, senior at Penfield High School¬†
  • Kidane Malik, senior at Greece Arcadia High School
  • Kimberly Melvin, parent of two Urban Suburban program students, member of the Pittsford Central School District PTSA, and member of the Urban Suburban Parent Advisory Committee
  • Jessie Keating, community activist
  • Ty Zinkiewich, assistant superintendent for instruction in the Spencerport Central School District
  • Georgie Silvarole, suburban trends reporter at the Democrat & Chronicle