Connections: Creativity as a "cure" for the midlife crisis

Aug 17, 2018

A recent article in the New York Times is touting creativity as a new "cure" for the midlife crisis. The Times reports that creativity has emerged as a popular antidote for boredom and a way to find meaning and purpose. Many people in their 40s and 50s are picking up their paintbrushes, learning to sing for the first time, or revisiting passions from their youth. The moves have helped these emerging or re-emerging artists combat anxiety and depression, reinvent themselves, or even breathe new life into a decades-long career.

This hour, we're joined by local artists from a variety disciplines, who share how their passions helped them find new meaning both personally and professionally. In studio: 

  • Jack Feerick, critic-at-large for popdose.com, and current lead singer for Roscoe's Basement
  • Laura Fleming, licensed clinical social worker, comedy improvisor, and quilter
  • Jack Baron, president and COO of Sweetwater Energy, and member of the band, You Don't Know Jack
  • Lorraine Fusare, dabbler in the arts