Connections: Attica Confession: New Questions About An Old Murder

Oct 7, 2015

We look at murder confessions, false or otherwise, after the recent report from WROC-TV that a convicted murderer in Attica State Prison is now saying he also killed someone else. Angel Carrasquillo now says he committed a 2001 murder in Rochester -- a murder for which a man named Jose Torres was convicted. Prosecutors say Torres was convicted because he confessed to the crime. Torres says it was a false confession, made when he was drunk, and now he wants to go home to his family. Carrasquillo says he has nothing to gain by stepping forward to confess to the crime. So what will prosecutors do now? And why would someone falsely confess to murder? Our panel will discuss this case and the broader issues related to it. 

  • Rachel Barnhart, WROC-TV anchor and reporter who broke the story
  • Matthew Hagen, attorney for Jose Torres
  • David Abbatoy, also an attorney