Connections: Arts Friday - Science on Screen; Rochester a Vibrant Arts City

Mar 6, 2015

James Cameron’s Oscar-winning film, The Abyss, was released in 1989. The film was about deep water explorers trying to find an submarine, who instead come upon an alien species. What we want to know is, was the science behind the deep water exploration accurate?

That will be the discussion on Monday, March 16 when a screening of The Abyss is part of The Little Theatre’s Science on Screen series. Our guest today, Dr. Charles Fisher of Penn State University will lead that discussion, along with another discussion that day to discuss the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Also with us to discuss The Little event is Peter Wayner, PR and marketing coordinator at The Little.

Then, did you know Rochester was ranked the 20th most arts vibrant large city in America? That according to the National Center for Arts Research. So…what now? We brought in Geva Theatre Executive Director Tom Parrish to discuss this.