Connections: Addressing the stigma younger generations have toward HIV

Dec 19, 2019

How much do you understand about HIV – about what the virus is and how it’s transmitted? While the number of new HIV cases in New York State continues to fall, stigma against the virus is growing among younger generations. That’s according to a new survey from the pharmaceutical company, Merck. It found that more than a quarter of HIV-negative millennials surveyed have avoided hugging, talking to, or being friends with someone with HIV.

People in HIV education and treatment say that’s not surprising, and they’re calling for better messaging that meets the needs of younger generations. WXXI health reporter Brett Dahlberg analyzed the Merck survey, and he joins us to share his reporting. We also talk to experts from Trillium Health about how to address the stigma surrounding HIV.

In studio:

  • Brett Dahlberg, health reporter for WXXI News
  • Dr. Bill Valenti, M.D., chief of innovation, and staff physician at Trillium Health
  • Sam Jett, prevention navigator at Trillium Health
  • Matteo Ragusa, manager of procurement and cost analysis at Trillium Health who is living with HIV