Comptroller Says Several Counties Prepare Option to Override Tax Cap

Dec 20, 2011

State Comptroller  Tom DiNapoli’s office is helping municipalities comply with the complexities of the new property tax cap, but he says it’s too early to tell yet what the out come of the new law will be.

DiNapoli says so far, around one fifth of counties have taken preliminary steps to override the cap, as they are permitted to do under the law as long as they can muster a 60% majority vote from their county legislature or board of supervisors.

“ 22% (of counties) have filed an intent to override,” said DiNapoli, who says many library districts are also indicated they will seek more than a 2% tax increase.   

The comptroller says the real test of the new property tax cap will come next spring, when school districts present their budgets to voters, If schools want to override the cap, they must gain 60% of the total school budget vote.