Complimentary heckler flings flattery at Fringe audiences

Sep 13, 2018

Credit provided

If you go to some of the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival events this weekend and next at Parcel 5 and the Spiegelgarden, you may be heckled.   In a good way.

Debi Mansour, who performs under the name Crackerjack, is a complimentary heckler.

Dressed in flamboyant outfits, she grabs a megaphone and hurls flattering words at passersby. Many of them laugh and smile. Some of them blush and hide their faces.

All of the interactions make Crackerjack feel like she’s doing something good, and needed now more than ever.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear Crackerjack talk about how she got started in the heckling trade and why she keeps doing it.