Common Ground Health launches COVID-19 speakers bureau

Mar 26, 2021

Dr. Linda Clark, senior health advisor of Common Ground Health, leads COVID speaker training.
Credit Common Ground Health

Common Ground Health has launched a COVID-19 speakers bureau in the Finger Lakes region.

The bureau consists of professionals from various backgrounds who volunteer to help educate residents or organizations about COVID-19 and the vaccine. 

Yvette Conyers, president of Rochester’s Black Nurses Association, is one of the volunteers. She said having a diverse group of speakers is the best way to have a profound impact in the community.

Dr. Yvette Conyers, President of Rochester's Black Nurses Association
Credit Dr. Yvette Conyers

“The opportunity to be selective and have folks come to your organization who look like you, represent you, so you can have that trust, and be able to have that conversation a little bit better, I think is important for all parties involved,” Conyers said.

She said clients will be able to filter speakers by ethnicity, gender and age.

Common Ground Health is seeking more speakers, especially obstetricians and eventually young influencers.

“We’ve got to think about our kids, too, and that's going to be the next phase once they get vaccines approved,” Conyers said.

For more information on how to become a volunteer, or to request a speaker, go to www.commongroundhealth.org/speakers.