Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, September 22

Sep 22, 2021

Credit Jacob Walsh / CITY Magazine

First hour: Special rebroadcast - Understanding cannabis law in New York State

Second hour: Discussing the staffing crisis in the child-care industry

CITY Magazine reporter Gino Fanelli recently paid $65 for a T-shirt at a local CBD store. An eighth of an ounce of marijuana came as a complementary "gift" with the purchase. As Fanelli reports, it's one way retailers are working around state law, which prevents retail sales of the plant. The law does allow adults to transfer or give up to three ounces of marijuana to each other without compensation. This hour, we examine cannabis law and the future of the recreational market with our guests:

  • Gino Fanelli, reporter for┬áCITY Magazine
  • Senator Jeremy Cooney (D, WF), District 56
  • Jason Klimek, attorney and co-leader of the Cannabis Team at Barclay Damon
  • Steve VanDeWalle, founder of Nesstiva; executive writer and co-host of the Cannabis Cum Laude podcast; and co-founder of Vandy's, an emerging craft cannabis brand in Rochester

Then in our second hour, the child-care industry is down more than 126,000 workers. That's according to the Washington Post. Staff members are leaving the industry for higher-paying jobs and better benefits. This has economic impacts -- with fewer workers, fewer children can be cared for, and more parents must leave the workforce to stay home with them. The staffing crisis is impacting the Rochester region. We discuss it with our guests:

  • Pete Nabozny, director of policy for The Children's Agenda
  • Rosa Marie Curtis, president of Marvelous Mind Academy
  • Jeff Pier, executive director of the Child Care Council
  • Bridget Shumway, president of Generations Child Care