Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, October 28

Oct 28, 2020

First hour: Is the Democratic Party united enough to win the election?

Second hour: Discussing the new exhibition, "Trust, but verify"

Polls continue to show a united Republican Party behind President Trump. For the Democrats, the primary season brought a record number of candidates. We talk to a panel of Democrats who worked to elect candidates other than Joe Biden. We discuss whether the party has been able to align its values enough to win next week. Our guests:

  • Robin Wilt, former supporter of Bernie Sanders
  • David Zavac, former supporter of Amy Klobuchar
  • Jay Levine, former supporter of Elizabeth Warren

Then in our second hour, a new exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center explores society's grappling with the post-truth era. "Trust, but verify" addresses how so-called "fake news" is affecting our present and could impact our future. We talk to some of the artists behind the project about their work and what they hope viewers learn from it. Our guests:

  • Octavio Abundez, artist
  • Eric Kunsman, artist
  • Erica Bryant, journalist
  • Bleu Cease, curator and executive director of Rochester Contemporary Art Center