Coming Up On Connections: Wednesday, October 26th

Oct 26, 2016

Credit NPR

First hour: Do Christians have a duty to God to vote for Trump?

Second hour:  Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston on wage growth

Maybe you are excited about your vote for president...or maybe you view it as a choice you are not thrilled to make. Eric Metaxas is a Christian author, theologian, and radio host who says Christians have a certain obligation on November 8: he says God wants them to vote for Donald Trump. He made the case in a Wall Street Journal piece, and he has been continuing the conversation on the cable and talk show circuit. Some Christian leaders have agreed with him, saying Trump is not a great choice, but God wants Trump to be president. Do you agree? We'll discuss the position with our guests:

  • Pastor George Grace, First Bible Baptist Church
  • Pastor David Ryder, Flour City Church
  • Pastor Deb Swift, South Presbyterian Church

Then in our second hour, what has the narrative been about wage growth and the wage gap in this country? The narrative has reflected the reality, which is that for decades now, we've seen wage stagnation and money concentrated much more toward the top, with a big gap in the so-called middle. Yet, the numbers are starting to change. Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston says we've been living with an outdated narrative and wage growth is happening. He's asking us to look at new data that indicates wage growth is starting to move in a direction more positive for the country. So what is the evidence and how does it impact you? We'll discuss it.