Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, November 6

Nov 6, 2019

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First hour: Discussing the presidential crisis in Venezuela 

Second hour: Examining the impact of Tuesday's election results

This week, another Latin American country announced it would stop recognizing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and start recognizing the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido. The presidential crisis has consumed the country for most of this year. The Rochester Committee on Latin America has invited Steve Ellner, an author and scholar on the region, to Rochester to discuss one of the most controversial political hot spots in the world. He's our guest for the hour. In studio:

  • Steve Ellner, author, associate managing editor of the Journal of Latin American Perspectives, and retired professor 
  • Vic Vinky, member of ROCLA's Steering Committee

Then in our second hour, we examine the impact of a historic night in Monroe County politics. Democrats have won the top seat in the county for the first time in three decades, but they fell one seat short of taking control of the County Legislature. We sit down with the two Democrats who flipped seats. We discuss how they plan to work with Republicans on priorities like taxes, child care, and more. In studio: 

  • John Baynes, County Legislator-elect 
  • Sheila Baynes, member of John Baynes' campaign team
  • Mike Yudelson, County Legislator-elect
  • Rachel Barnhart, County Legislator-elect