Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, November 27

Nov 27, 2019

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First hour: Discussing the candidacy of Pete Buttigieg

Second hour: What are local students learning about Thanksgiving?

Fresh polling from Iowa and New Hampshire shows South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg surging to the top of contenders. Can he win the nomination? We haven’t discussed his candidacy much on the show, so this is a chance to examine Buttigieg’s positions on the issues. We also discuss why some progressives to the left of Buttigieg are suspicious of his candidacy. Our guests:

  • Alex Yudelson, volunteer organizer for the Buttigieg campaign in Western New York
  • Alfred Vitale, co-founder of the Association of Working Class Academics

Then in our second hour, what are local students learning about Thanksgiving? What’s often published in textbooks and taught in schools is a Euro-centric narrative that oversimplifies or omits the historical record, especially when it comes to atrocities endured by Native American people. WXXI reporter Noelle Evans talked with local Native Americans and school staff members about Thanksgiving education. This hour, we talk about what she learned, and our guests discuss how to decolonize the Thanksgiving narrative. In studio:

  • Noelle Evans, reporter for WXXI News
  • Peter Jemison, historic site manager for Ganondagan
  • Amerique Wilson, library media specialist at Roberto Clemente School 8
  • Stephen LaMorte, executive director of social studies and community service learning at the Rochester City School District