Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, May 22

May 22, 2019

First hour: How to make clean energy affordable to all communities

Second hour: The College of Collectible Knowledge returns

This hour, we have a conversation about energy affordability. NYSERDA and the NYS Department of Public Service are hosting a public feedback session in Rochester to discuss energy initiatives. We'll preview that session with local clean energy advocates who discuss how to ensure all communities have access to affordable, green energy. Our guests:

  • Jessica Azulay, executive director of the Alliance for a Green Economy
  • Clarke Gocker, director of policy and strategy for PUSH Buffalo
  • Ryan Puck, building analyst for Wise Home Energy 
  • Tonya Noel Stevens, affordable energy advocate

Then in our second hour, the College of Collectible Knowledge is back. We’re gearing up from the annual WXXI Appraisal Fair, so we bring you our version of “Antiques Roadshow”…on the radio. We’re joined by appraisers in studio who answer questions about your antiques. You can join the conversation by emailing a photo and description of your antique to connections@wxxi.org or by calling 844-295-8255. In studio:

  • Yvonne Jordan, owner of Shop 15 Antiques and Vintage
  • Nik Wanderman, partner at Jack Wanderman and Associates
  • Jim Stefanko, antique owner
  • Kathy Chia, antique owner