Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, May 15

May 15, 2019

First hour: Is it time to break up big companies?

Second hour: Reshaping Rochester - The New Urbanism movement

Is it time to break up big tech companies like Amazon and Facebook? Senator Elizabeth Warren says yes, and she’s offered a detailed plan for how to do it. Other Democratic contenders like Senator Cory Booker say no. Our guests will debate the merits of breaking up big companies, and whether Facebook has become too powerful. In studio:

  • Karen Vitale, co-founder of the Rochester Democratic Socialists of America
  • Kevin Wilson, chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party
  • Nicholas Wilt, former principal engineer for Amazon

Then in our second hour, we have a conversation about the New Urbanism design movement. Its goal? To create complete, compact, and connected communities. We’ll discuss the principles of the movement, what makes for a great place, and the barriers that communities face in achieving their visions. It’s a preview of an upcoming Reshaping Rochester presentation with Lynn Richards, the president and CEO for the Congress for the New Urbanism. Richards is a Rochester native who will share how she sees Rochester fitting into the movement. Our guests:

  • Lynn Richards, president and CEO for the Congress for the New Urbanism
  • Maria Furgiuele, executive director of the Community Design Center Rochester
  • Howard Decker, author, architect, and board member for the Community Design Center Rochester