Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, March 25

Mar 25, 2020

Credit freeimages.com/Patrick Moore

First hour: Discussing tips for planting and gardening during the pandemic

Second hour: Anthony Magnabosco on street epistemology

One of the few activities that remains entirely appropriate during the pandemic is time outdoors, and for many people, that includes planting / gardening / growing. As the weather slowly warms, our guests explore all the things we can do to grow our own food; improve our landscape; and more. But first, WXXI health reporter Brett Dahlberg joins us for an update on the state of COVID-19. Our guests:

  • Brett Dahlberg, WXXI health reporter
  • Petra Page-Mann, co-founder of Fruition Seeds
  • Nathaniel Mich, urban farming and edible education specialist at Foodlink
  • Pamela Reese Smith, community garden coordinator for the City of Rochester

Then in our second hour, when's the last time you convinced someone to change their mind? Most of us are not very effective when it comes to debate. We dig in on our positions, and we expend a lot of emotional energy, and nothing changes. Our guest is a man who is helping build an entirely new way of talking to people with vastly different beliefs. He's published hundreds of videos of calm, careful exploration of beliefs. And he does most of it in a public park, when strangers are willing to stop and chat. We get a new way of thinking, talking, and examining beliefs. Our guest:

  • Anthony Magnabosco, executive director of Street Epistemology International