Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, March 18

Mar 18, 2020

First hour: How to disagree better politically (*This hour was preempted due to the White House press briefing. It will be rescheduled for March 27 at noon.)

Second hour: Discussing how to educate students at home during the coronavirus pandemic

*WXXI will be airing NPR’s coverage of the White House press conference at 11:30. 

Social scientist and author Arthur Brooks says Americans need to “Love Your Enemies.” That’s the title of his most recent book. In it, he argues that agreement across the political spectrum isn’t necessary, but better disagreement is needed. Professor David Primo at the University of Rochester has been teaching a course on the role of disagreement in a democratic society. He and several of his students join us to discuss issues related to political polarization, academic freedom, and diversity on college campuses. We also discuss how political disagreement has impacted responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Our guests:

  • David Primo, professor of political science and business administration, and Ani and Mark Gabrellian Professor at the University of Rochester
  • Madelyn Candela, sophomore at the University of Rochester
  • Jonah Ricanati, senior at the University of Rochester
  • Maggie Sannicandro, senior at the University of Rochester

Then in our second hour, teachers and parents across Monroe County had to act quickly last week when the county ordered all schools to close. They’ve developed lessons and curricula that can be taught remotely. This hour, we talk with teachers and parents about the work they are doing, the buy-in from students so far, and their recommendations for families who will be educating kids from home for the foreseeable future. We also discuss WXXI’s new Learn at Home programming – a special education television block in support of families, educators, and students. Our guests:

  • Marion French, vice president of education and interactive services at WXXI
  • Cara Rager, manager of education training and family engagement at WXXI
  • Erica Davis, music teacher at Williamson Central School District, and parent of three children
  • Kristin Loftus, math coach at Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts, and parent of two children