Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, July 21

Jul 21, 2021

Credit freeimages.com/Ann-Kathrin Rehse

First hour: What we have learned about education during the pandemic, part 2

Second hour: What you need to know about composting

We continue our series of conversations with local teachers about what they've learned during the pandemic and how they think the education system should change in the long term. Our guests this hour share the challenges they’ve faced, the successes they’ve had, and how they could see their profession changing as a result of the pandemic. Our guests:

  • Evvy Fanning, local high school English teacher
  • Meagan Harris, special education teacher at the Rochester City School District 
  • Olivia Nieboer, 7th grade special education teacher at Greece Central School District

Then in our second hour, the City of Rochester has a new composting pilot program. We talk about what it entails, and our guests answer your questions about home composting. Our guests:

  • Robert Putney, co-founder and CEO of Impact Earth
  • Emily Pacifico, operations manager at Impact Earth
  • John Hicks, president of Organix Green Industries