Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, January 9

Jan 9, 2019

First hour: The impact of the rise in car ownership

Second hour: Will there ever be another book series like Harry Potter?

City Lab is reporting that the number of car-rich households is on the rise in many cities, even in those which are transit-oriented and where ride-sharing is heaving used. Why? We discuss the economic impact of more vehicle ownership and what it means for public transit. In studio:

  • Arian Horbovetz, creator of The Urban Phoenix
  • Roger Brown, creative consultant for the Community Design Center Rochester
  • Shannon Ealy, senior manager of marketing and engagement for the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

Then in our second hour, a new Harry Potter exhibit is opening in New York City, and we ask the question, will there ever be another book series like Harry Potter? The first book came out before the internet was a regular time-suck in American households; it also came out just as Facebook was taking off. Can a young adult book series be as successful, given all the new distractions with technology? Our guests -- all Harry Potter super fans -- discuss it:

  • Jackie McGriff, owner of Jackie Photography
  • Chris Fanning, director of communications for Writers & Books, and associate producer of the Rochester Fringe Festival
  • Josiah Ball, Harry Potter fan
  • Adrienne Pettinelli, director of the Henrietta Public Library