Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, August 5

Aug 5, 2020

Credit Nazareth College

First hour: Local college and university presidents on their reopening plans, part 2

Second hour: Discussing the state of diversity in television in 2020

Most colleges and universities are planning to welcome students back to campus in just a few weeks. The schools bring a range of approaches – from testing to quarantines to allowing for remote learning. There is no single handbook for running higher education during a pandemic, but most universities in the Rochester/Finger Lakes region believe they can do it with sufficient safety and planning. So what are those plans? We hear the approach from four different institutions. Our guests:

  • Beth Paul, president of Nazareth College
  • Deana Porterfield, president of Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary
  • Katherine Douglas, interim president of Monroe Community College
  • Mark Zupan, president of Alfred University

Then in our second hour, 21 years ago this month, the NAACP was advocating a boycott of the major television networks. That's because the networks had just released their fall schedules. 26 new shows would be hitting the airwaves that year, and not a single one of them featured a star or prominent character of color. For African American leaders in particular, enough was enough. The networks promised to change. In some ways, they have: there are more African American and Latino leads than ever before. But in many other ways, the industry has not changed much at all. As the LA Times reports, there are very few executives of color at the networks, and while the networks are pledging support of the Black Lives Matter movement, African American actors have their doubts. This hour, we explore representation in media. Our guests:

  • Calvin Brown, Jr., executive producer of "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder"
  • Tina Chapman, director of diversity theater at RIT
  • Chris Thompson, engineer, writer, comedian, and activist
  • Darnell Hunt, dean of social sciences, and professor of sociology and African American Studies at UCLA