Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, August 4

Aug 4, 2021

First hour: Members of the local state delegation on the investigation into Governor Cuomo 

Second hour: How do the vaccination wars in pro sports affect the public?

We’re joined by members of the local state delegation who discuss the findings from Attorney General Tish James’ investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The report found that Cuomo violated multiple state and federal laws by sexually harassing 11 women, including current and former staffers. Cuomo responded to the report by saying he did nothing wrong, and said that some of his actions may have been misconstrued. Local, state, and federal leaders – including President Biden – have called for Cuomo to step down. The State Assembly is conducting an impeachment inquiry. Our guests this hour share the latest from Albany:

  • Assemblymember Harry Bronson, District 138
  • Assemblymember Jen Lunsford, District 135
  • Assemblymember Sarah Clark, District 136
  • Nicole Hushla Re, chief of staff for Assemblymember Sarah Clark, and founder of the Monroe County Democratic Women’s Caucus
  • Jamie Romeo, Monroe County Clerk

Then in our second hour, some high-profile athletes are not only turning down the COVID vaccine; they’re using social media to spread their opposition. For sports fans, it can be a difficult spot. Shaun Nelms is one of the biggest Buffalo Bills fans around; he’s also the superintendent of East High School, and he’s worked to dispel misinformation about vaccines. So when some of his favorite Bills players are boasting about being unvaccinated, what does he do? The American public turns to a wide range of people for ideas on how to act. Star athletes have influence. We discuss the vaccination wars in pro sports, and the effect on the public. Our guests:

  • Shaun Nelms, superintendent of East High School and Bills fan
  • Moe Jackson, former Buffalo Bill and owner of The MJ Speed & Skills School