Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, April 17

Apr 17, 2019

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First hour: Jonathan Gruber on Rochester as an economic growth engine

Second hour: Reshaping Rochester - How would cities look different if more diverse voices were involved in their design?

We sit down with Jonathan Gruber, an economics professor at MIT who says Rochester is set to become one of America's growth engines. He’s in Rochester to discuss his book, “Jump-Starting America: How Breakthrough Science Can Revive Economic Growth and the American Dream.” We'll talk to him about the promise he sees in Rochester. Gruber is also one of the key architects of the Affordable Care Act and the 2006 Massachusetts healthcare reform – Romneycare. We'll talk to him about healthcare and healthcare policy in the U.S. In studio:

  • Jonathan Gruber, professor of economics at MIT
  • Jim Senall, president of NextCorps, Inc., and managing director of the Rochester Angel Network

Then in our second hour, how would cities look different if there were more diverse voices involved in their design? Ashleigh Walton is an architect and a project manager at Urban Design Associates in Pittsburgh. She’ll be in Rochester next week to give a presentation about social equity and design as part of the Community Design Center’s Reshaping Rochester Series. She joins us for a preview of that presentation, and we’ll discuss the value of mentorship in the field. Our guests:

  • Ashleigh Walton, project manager at Urban Design Associates
  • Nana-Yaw Andoh, assistant professor of architecture at RIT, and board member for the Community Design Center Rochester