Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, April 14

Apr 14, 2021

Credit cityofrochester.gov

First hour: Candidates for Rochester City Council, part 3

Second hour: Discussing the Blank Placard Dance project

We sit down with candidates for Rochester City Council. Our goal is to have conversations at length with the nearly 20 candidates before Primary Day. Our guests this hour discuss their platforms and priorities, and their perspectives on different issues impacting Rochester. Our guests:

  • Miguel Melendez
  • Jasmin Reggler

Then in our second hour, which spaces or places in Rochester matter to you? It's a question University of Rochester students and staff will ask as part of a new art project called Blank Placard Dance. The performance builds on an original activism project that emerged in San Francisco in the 1960s. Through dance, Rochester performers hope to map local areas community members deem important when it comes to activism. Participants say the project blurs the boundaries of public intervention and dance performance. We preview it with our guests:

  • Missy Pfohl Smith, director of the Program of Dance and Movement and the Institute for the Performing Arts at the University of Rochester
  • Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, senior lecturer in dance, and director of Blank Placard Restaged at the University of Rochester
  • Catherine Ramsey, University of Rochester student organizer 
  • Almeta Whitis, community storyteller