Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, October 22

Oct 22, 2019

Credit willowcenterny.org

First hour: Willow Domestic Violence Center on 40 years of service

Second hour: How are mental health and homelessness connected? 

Willow Domestic Violence Center is marking 40 years of serving local families. We're joined by representatives from the Center who discuss Willow's and Monroe County's role in protecting survivors and helping them heal. We also talk about why rates of domestic violence are high -- is it due to greater awareness, better reporting, or a higher prevalence? Our guests share their data. In studio:

  • Meaghan de Chateauvieux, president and CEO of Willow Domestic Violence Center
  • Phyllis Korn, founder of Alternatives for Battered Women, now Willow Domestic Violence Center 
  • Vincent Butler, social worker who worked with Alternatives for Battered Women, and founder of the organization's MEN's Program

Then in our second hour, how are mental health and homelessness connected? The Spiritus Christi Mental Health Center is preparing for its annual Riverwalk, a fundraiser which will help provide mental health care to people in need, regardless of their insurance or income status. Our guests talk about the impact of homelessness on mental health. In studio: 

  • Rev. Myra Brown, pastor at Spiritus Christi Church
  • Fana Tereke, advocate for mental health awareness who experienced homelessness