Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, November 8th

Nov 8, 2016

First hour: Election Day preview

Second hour: The City of Rochester's Climate Action Plan

Election Day has arrived and a Gallup poll finds that six in ten Americans want to abolish the Electoral College; they want the popular vote to determine the presidency. How do you feel? In Washington state, two designated electors say they will not vote for Clinton in the Electoral College, even though Clinton is expected to win the state. What does that mean? One scenario has Clinton and Trump tied with 269 electoral votes each, but if those two electors stay true to their word, they face only a $1,000 fine and could become the most popular people in the country. We'll talk about the Electoral College, what happens today, and we'll hear from voters who are still undecided. Our guests:

  • Kathleen Donovan, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at St. John Fisher College
  • Tim Kneeland, professor and chairperson,¬†Department of History and Political Science, Nazareth College
  • Dan Becker, undecided voter

Then in our second hour, the City of Rochester's draft Climate Action Plan is now available for public comment. We'll dive into the plan and what it covers, including energy use and supply, transportation, waste and materials management, clean water, and land use. How does it all weave together? We'll put the draft plan under the microscope. Our guests:

  • Anne Spaulding, energy and environmental sustainability manager for the City of Rochester
  • Susan Hopkins, project planner for Bergmann Associates and member of the consultant group that drafted the CAP
  • Scott Oliver, deputy for energy programs at Pathstone
  • Rachel Walsh, EcoDistrict coordinator for Greentopia
  • Abby McHugh-Grifa, member of Rochester People‚Äôs Climate Coalition and co-leader of Citizens' Climate Lobby of Rochester