Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, November 22nd

Nov 22, 2016

First hour: Women for Trump

Second hour: Nature Deficit Disorder

Donald Trump won white women handily in this election, despite pundits' predictions that Trump's lewdness and troubling past comments would sink his campaign. For millions of women, Trump was their candidate for a variety of reasons -- and no new allegation or incident would change their minds. For women who opposed Trump, it's hard to understand. This is our chance to hear more from women who voted for Trump, at length:

  • Anne Smith
  • Pam Cairns
  • Jessica Shanahan

In our second hour, are American children suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder? That term has gained currency over the past decade, and a number of local parents and professionals feel it's on the mark. So what is it? Broadly speaking, it's a deficit from interaction with the outside world. But our guests will go beyond that simple definition to discuss how education plays a role. Our guests:

  • Lindsay Cray, CEO of Earthworks Institute
  • Evan Lowenstein, communications and special events/projects coordinator for the City of Rochester Public Market
  • Amy Jeary, director and teacher at Wren's Nest Waldorf Preschool¬†¬†¬†
  • Jen Green, Ph.D. student in teaching and curriculum at the University of Rochester