Coming Up On Connections: Tuesday, November 15th

Nov 14, 2016

Credit NPR

First hour: Small business owners voted overwhelmingly for Trump

Second hour: Leonard Cohen and the death of songwriting

Donald Trump won the votes of small business owners by a comfortable margin, according to exit polls. Many of those business owners expect Trump to protect existing jobs and create conditions for them to expand hiring. We'll talk to a local small business owner about why he supported the next president, and what he wants him to do for small business owners. Our guest:

  • Tim Schiefen

In our second hour: songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away, and it's reminding us about the value of great songwriting. For Cohen, it wasn't easy and instantaneous. "Hallelujah," his enduring hit, has become a much bigger success when covered by other artists. We'll honor Cohen with a conversation about songwriting -- about what inspires musicians, and the value of songwriting today in a culture seemingly addicted to simple hooks. Our guests:

  • Connie Deming, singer-songwriter
  • Ty Gagnon, songwriter