Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, May 18

May 18, 2021

Credit cityofrochester.gov

First hour: PAB members on the board's proposed budget

Second hour: Discussing New York's Hero Act

The Rochester Police Accountability Board has asked for $5 million to hire a staff and expand its work. Last week, the mayor's proposed budget included that amount... an indication that the PAB could very well be in the position to pursue its mission more aggressively, and soon. So how would the PAB spend that money? What would more than 50 staff members be tasked with doing? Our guests make the case:

  • Conor Dwyer Reynolds, executive director of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Shani Wilson, chair of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Rabbi Drorah Setel, member of the Rochester Police Accountability Board

Then in our second hour, New York State has enacted a new law that is designed to protect workers against airborne diseases in the workplace. Governor Andrew Cuomo says it's about learning from the current pandemic and making sure workers are safe going forward. In a statement, the governor said, "When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it quickly became clear that New York's employers weren't taking adequate steps to protect their workers from airborne infectious disease." The new law requires employers to create a plan -- and potentially some major changes -- by early June. Will it work to prevent, for example, workers from infecting each other with a common cold? What about the flu? We discuss it and we examine what we've learned about how COVID spread. Our guests:

  • Dr. Emil Lesho, Rochester Regional Health healthcare epidemiologist, infectious diseases specialist, and professor of medicine
  • Elizabeth Cordello,┬áchair of the labor and employment practice group at Pullano & Farrow